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Rock Chip Repair

easy auto glass rock chip repair

Yup, that just happened. Let's get that fixed as soon as possible. Our goal is to keep the integrity of the windshield intact but also keep that windshield from cracking and ending up in the landfill.

Rock chip repairs are essential in safety as we're trying to stop it from becoming a crack. Once it's become a crack, structural integrity of the windshield has been compromised.

Trying to "FILL" a crack is a cosmetic fix, not structural.

Compromised windshields don't let air bags perform properly in the event of an accident or roll over.

Compromised windshields don't save lives.

But wait! "Didn't have a windshield installed by Easy?" The 1st rock chip is $35.00 plus GST and the next is $20.00 plus GST.

Also, if you bring the same vehicle and same windshield back to us down the road, each individual rock chip repair is $20.00 plus GST. Let's talk loyalty to our customers…yes, we know, we're awesome like that."