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We can fix or replace ANY of the glass on a vehicle

Below, you will see the many types of auto glass we can work with along with a short description of the services we offer.

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Windshield Replacement

So, let's talk MASSIVE! We are the Only Canadian Auto Glass Company that includes FREE – that's right - FREE Rock Chip Repair's on every new windshield we supply and install at our shop. (Some conditions apply, call for details.)

We use the best process, primers, and urethanes (in our opinion- Sika Products) for our customers' safety in the proper installation and adhesion of your windshield.

Our standards exceed federal motor vehicle safety standards.

At observed listed temperatures, our clients vehicles have a safe drive-away time 1 hour after installation. Please talk to us about your needs. Not all auto glass shops follow our guidelines in safety.

easy auto glass windshield replacement

Rock Chip Repair

easy auto glass rock chip repair

Yup, that just happened. Let's get that fixed as soon as possible. Our goal is to keep the integrity of the windshield intact but also keep that windshield from cracking and ending up in the landfill.

Rock chip repairs are essential in safety as we're trying to stop it from becoming a crack. Once it's become a crack, structural integrity of the windshield has been compromised.

Trying to "FILL" a crack is a cosmetic fix, not structural.

Compromised windshields don't let air bags perform properly in the event of an accident or roll over.

Compromised windshields don't save lives.

But wait! "Didn't have a windshield installed by Easy?" The 1st rock chip is $29.99 plus GST and the next is $15.00 plus GST.

Also, if you bring the same vehicle and same windshield back to us down the road, each individual rock chip repair is $15.00 plus GST. Let's talk loyalty to our customers…yes, we know, we're awesome like that."

Motorhomes, RV Windshields, Sealed Units

As being the choice of many RV dealers and clients, we are extremely trained, versed, and well equipped to do the windshield replacement on your home away from home on wheels.

Whether at your RV dealer or at the comfort of our shop and on sight storage facility (up to 45ft Motor Coaches) we can accommodate your needs.

Windows fogging up? Could very well be a failed sealed unit. Give us a call and let’s discuss some options. There is great cost saving options available to you.

Due to the structural integrity and design of your Motor Home, we do not offer Mobile Repairs or Replacements - our shop has a controlled environment for your safety and ours.

easy auto glass motorhome

Sunroofs, Fixed Glass Panels, Power Sliding Back Glasses

easy auto glass sunroof

Some of today's sunroofs or moon roof options in vehicles give us the most amazing views of the world around us or above us. A beautiful drive through our most incredible mountain scenery is a memory in the making… So let not a shattered sunroof or blown out back glass ruin the memory.

Our dealers and body shops entrust us to find the most economical options to them for their customers so why should you be any different?

Give us a call. It's what we do, taking that worry out of your day.

Heavy Duty Equipment Safety Glass

There isn't a Skid Steer or Dozer Door we haven't fabricated glass for.

Need us Mobile? Just want to drop the frame off to us? Most often we have same day turn around.

We carry a large selection of safety glass for our construction customers to keep the fleet going.

Give us a call. Let's make it Easy on you!

easy auto glass heavy duty