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We rely on our vehicles everyday. Whether we're running the kids to and from hockey, soccer, ballet, going to work, or getting groceries, we expect our vehicles to not let us down, the same with our windshields.

Automobile manufacturers spend millions on design and research and the glass is a major part of your vehicles structure. The curve, laminate, placement are all an integral part of the cars flexibility, strength and safety. The windshield is designed to work with your airbags, keep you inside the vehicle in case of an accident or a rollover.

We use the highest quality Glass, as well as primers and urethanes recognized by the Canadian Vehicles' Safety Standards in the Installation process.

You won't drive away until the urethane has had time to set. We don't skimp on cheaper products; you are our customer and safety is our mandate!

We adhere to strict installation guidelines and timelines so when you do drive away, we've done our job to look after you and your family.