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Family looking at new car in dealership - Buying a New Vehicle – Glass Coverage or No Coverage?

Now that the computer chip issues are being dealt with and supply and demand issues are being resolved, you might be thinking of buying a new vehicle. Or maybe you have just purchased a new car. Did your salesperson at the dealership explain all those fancy safety options to you? Based on what we see with our clients, probably not! 

The Impact of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) on Glass Costs 

If your new vehicle has features like lane departure warnings, forward collision braking systems, or pedestrian avoidance, these features are known as Advance Driver Assistance Systems (otherwise known as ADAS). These features were created to help keep you safe, but they also come with a cost. 

Advanced safety features found on newer vehicles not only result in higher replacement windshield costs but also need to be recalibrated to factory specifications. Did the dealership advise you of any of this? 

Calgary and Alberta's Challenging Weather and Road Conditions 

If you live in Calgary or Alberta in general, you know our winters are crazy. We can have a blizzard in the morning and a beautiful clear sunny day by the afternoon. In Calgary, the city puts down crushed gravel on the road after it gets to a certain temperature below zero, leaving those rocks to fly up and hit our windshields AND our sunroofs.  

Summer weather can sometimes be just as bizarre. Beautiful sunny morning, and by the afternoon, the black clouds roll in, bringing hail stones that damage the glass on your vehicle. With this in mind, you'll want to have adequate glass insurance coverage to keep your repair costs down.  

The Cost of Insurance and Glass Coverage in Alberta 

Insurance on that new vehicle doesn't come cheap, either. Living in Alberta, our insurance industry is private, unlike some provinces that have government-regulated insurance that comes with glass coverage.  

In Alberta, glass coverage is an option that many people do not have or consumers have chosen not to include in their new policy. Windshield replacements on new vehicles can be quite costly for the first couple of years on newer models, as the supply and demand aren't there, making the glass expensive. Not to mention some newer vehicles have one, two or THREE panels of glass on the roof. This glass also gets hit by rocks and debris on the road. Or baseballs and pucks from the neighbourhood kids playing on the street. Or, you know, hail the size of loonies. 

What to Consider with Glass Coverage for New Vehicles 

We typically suggest to our customers that have mentioned they are purchasing a new vehicle to add glass coverage for the first year or two, as some windshield costs have increased in price exponentially.  

Let's use the example of a Ford truck: 

Five years ago, a windshield for this vehicle may have cost $ 219 - $400 depending on the model and options of the truck. As of 2022, there is no such thing as a "plain Jane" truck. All Ford trucks available today have ADAS features, and a new windshield can cost anywhere from $400 - $1200, depending on the availability of OE vs. aftermarket products. PLUS, you need to add on calibration costs. Imagine the shock to our customers when we give them a quote for a new windshield on their brand-new truck. 

It's quite the sticker shock, to say the least, leaving some customers speechless, dazed, confused, or spewing expletives after receiving our quote. We often get asked if a windshield with fewer options can be installed, but the answer is no, as these features are part of the vehicle and typically part of an electrical loop in the vehicle's technical brain. Avoiding these procedures will create problematic codes or warnings on your dash, creating a much bigger problem. 

Informed Decisions: Weighing the Benefits of Glass Coverage 

As you consider purchasing a new vehicle, it's essential to be aware of the potential costs associated with windshield replacement and calibration due to ADAS features. While glass coverage may be an added expense, it could save you a significant amount of money in the long run, especially during the first couple of years of owning a new vehicle.  

Make sure to weigh the pros and cons of including glass coverage in your insurance policy. And don't hesitate to ask your insurance provider or dealership for more information on the costs and benefits of adding this coverage. 

Make the Right Choice for Your New Vehicle Today 

By considering factors like local weather conditions, road hazards, and the rising costs of windshields with ADAS technology, you can better determine whether adding glass coverage to your insurance policy is a wise investment for your new vehicle.  

Then, if, or rather, when you need a glass repair, you can contact your local experts to do the job right. At Easy Auto Glass, we're here to answer all your questions about ADAS windshield replacements, rock chip repairs, and more! Contact us today to chat with our team.