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Drivers do everything they can to avoid rock chips, but unfortunately, a rock can come flying out of nowhere! Finally, you hear a SMACK, and you know your windshield has been damaged. What now?

You have to get that rock chip repaired as soon as you can! Getting it repaired will stop the chip from spreading into a crack and save you from having to replace your whole windshield. 


What Happens if You Can't Repair the Rock Chip Right Away?


Stay calm

The surprise of something hitting your windshield may cause some drivers to swerve, stay aware and be prepared for any possibility that your front glass can get hit at any moment. When you get the chip, it's hard not to look away. Just pretend it's not there, drive slow and carefully home.


Assess the damage

Inspect the chip; grab a magnifying glass if you can. Check if any hairline cracks are extending from the rock chip and see if the damage looks serious. Suppose it is excessive damage; you may need to replace the whole windshield. Then, bring it into a professional auto glass shop such as Easy Auto Glass for repair.



If you can't get your rock chip fixed right away, a quick temporary fix you can do is using clear packing tape. This will keep dirt and moisture out of the chip. 


Fix the rock chip!

Contact us! Make an appointment to fix that rock chip! The tape is just a temporary fix. You don't want that chip to get any worse. Being in Calgary, our temperatures can drop drastically and can cause your chips to crack at any moment. 


Get rid of that small problem before it turns into a big problem! If you're unsure of how bad the crack is, we'd love to help you out. Contact us for a quote or if you have questions.