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It's finally Fall, the season of sunsets, pumpkin spice lattes, comfy sweaters, and leaves changing colours! But with every season change comes a new safety hazard for driving. 

Although the leaves changing colours is a sight to see, it also means the trees are shedding them. Be-leaf it or not, falling leaves can cause harm. With the wind blowing and swaying the branches, leaves can fall onto a car's hood, roof and most importantly, the windshield! 


Dry leaves are a pain to clean off the car, and we all get lazy to brush them off. Calgary has unpredictable weather, as soon as it rains or snows, the leaves become sticky making it even harder to clean off, or they get stuck under your windshield wipers leaving streaks.

Fortunately, there are some preventative measures you can take for the fall weather.


Avoid Parking Under Trees


Although trees can provide great shade from the beaming hot sun, it's also a prime spot for collecting falling leaves and tree sap. Large trees will shed a large number of leaves, leaving your windshield in a sad state. If you must park under a tree, look for ones that have already lost most of their leaves. 


Remove Leaves Off Your Car Often


During fall, leaves on your vehicle are inevitable. Gently remove the leaves from your windshield and wiper area, especially when it is dry. Because of the sap in the leaves, it will get onto your windshield when it rains, making it even harder to remove and leaving leaf residue behind. Your visibility must be clear and unobstructed.


Keep A Safe Distance


This is a general safety rule. Not only does this help you avoid hitting the vehicle in front of you, but it also allows for less impact of unknown flying debris on the road from other vehicles. If you get a stone chip on your windshield, be sure to bring it in right away to be repaired. Remember IF you have had your windshield replaced at Easy, your rock chip repairs are FREE!  Place a rock chip sticker (given to all Easy customers) on your rock chip and call to book an appointment, DO NOT WAIT until you have a few…. accumulating a lot of chips on your windshield can lead to cracks, which will end up costing you more to fix.  A rock chip repair appointment typically takes 20 – 30 minutes, waiting until you have accumulated more than one or two, will take more time out of your busy schedule.


Routine Windshield Check-ups


It is not uncommon for the fallen leaves and sap to clog the drainage tubes of your sunroof, if these drainage tubes are blocked, it may appear that your windshield is leaking, when in fact, it is the drainage tubes that are clogged up, so water cannot drain properly out of the vehicle.  If you believe there may be an issue, come into Easy Auto Glass, our expert technicians can take a look. Be sure to schedule regular check-ups to ensure your windshield is in tip-top shape!


It's important to know what precautions you can take, but if you suspect fall-related damage to your windshield, get in touch with us! Our technicians provide excellent windshield repair and replacement. We service all makes and models. So keep your windshield in top-notch shape. Get your auto glass repaired today