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So, it just happened, a rock chip on your windshield. Unfortunately, a chipped windshield is a regular occurrence when owning a vehicle. Chips usually occur when other cars fling debris up onto your windshield or rocks fall off trucks that haven’t taken the care and attention to clean off their bumpers and flatbeds, which then impact your windshield.  Even if it is a minor chip is not something to be ignored.

Chips can become unsightly and grow due to several reasons, temperature changes, moisture in your rock chip, movement/flexing of your vehicle  (think of those lovely spring pot holes all over our roads), sometimes no reason, or the rock was a boulder and it starts cracking immediately.  Once a chip grows into a crack, you may be sacrificing the structural integrity and it can no longer be repaired, and you will need to replace the windshield.  

There are many other reasons why you should fix your rock chips. Chips can obstruct your view, can be unsightly, and even cause a glare in the bright sunlight that may impede your vision.  

Safety issues, not many people know, but a windshield contributes to a vehicle's structural integrity. In a crash, the windshield prevents you from being thrown out of the car, supports the roof and helps the airbags deploy properly.  IF your vehicle is involved in a roll over situation the windshield helps prevent the roof from caving in.

Traffic violation, several laws in Canada cover the condition of windshields. If you have a cracked or damaged windshield, a police officer may give you notice to repair your windshield and even a ticket or fine. Fines can run up to $500 and may include towing charges should the Police Officer deem the damage to be unsafe to drive.

The bottom line, be proactive in repairing your windshield rock chips.  A $35 repair can save you hundreds (or thousands) down the road on a windshield replacement. Come into Easy Auto Glass, and our experts can get those pesky rock chips repaired for you. 

Just a reminder, when you have your Windshield replaced at Easy Auto Glass, it includes our FREE rock chip program, on the windshield we install.  (See our web page for details, or call our Shop.)