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A windshield is an essential part of the structure of your vehicle. Your windshield protects you from rain, rocks and other debris that may hit your car and is also meant to stay in the vehicle in the case of an accident or rollover.  It needs to be installed properly and free of defects, but many of us tend to ignore the chips and cracks the windshield may have. How do you determine when your windshield needs to be replaced?

When it comes to driving, the ability to see through your windshield is most important. There are times the driver will have to make split-second decisions to avoid major accidents. Poor visibility or glare of the sun on an existing crack can make you lose a second in your decision-making, and that second can mean the difference between accidents and safety.


If your windshield only has minor chips, you may not be required to replace the whole thing; these can be easily repaired at Easy Auto Glass. Do not put off repairing these chips though, if a rock hits it in the right spot, it can become something worse, like a spiderweb crack or a bad enough hit from a rock or debris can break the inside of the windshield, which is NOT repairable.


Cracks on windshields are more consequential; the windshield is part of the structure of your vehicle, the windshield is meant to stay in the vehicle in case of a collision or rollover.  Not only can large cracks impair your ability to see, but significant cracks can mean the structural stability of the windshield is impaired.   If you have a crack that is larger than 6 inches, chances are you should replace your windshield. Anything less, you may be able to get away with a repair.

End of Winter

If you live in Calgary, you know that we basically have eight months of winter, sometimes snow falls during our summer months. Cold weather can cause significant damage to your windshield. We all turn up our heaters during winter, and this is bad because extreme temperature differences can turn a rock chip into a crack if left unnoticed or not repaired. Even after taking all the steps to ensure your windshield is protected, you may notice that at the end of winter, your windshield is not the same as it was.  Smaller rocks and debris on the road can leave little pit marks to make your windshield look like it has been sandblasted, which makes driving into the sun frustrating. Replacing your windshield may be needed. Have the Professionals at Easy Auto Glass take a look to determine what to do.

Incorrect Installation

Do not trust “Just Anyone” to change your windshield.  At Easy Auto Glass, we are certified, experienced professionals that take the due care your vehicle deserves in the windshield process.  Our non-invasive techniques have put us at the forefront in the windshield repair and replacement industry.  Our continual commitment and use of the best urethanes and primers available for our customers give you the peace of mind we all need right now.

Bottom line, for your safety and others on the road, fix or replace your windshield as soon as possible. At Easy Auto Glass, we do it all. We can repair all rock chips and install new windshields for you.

Best of all, when you have your windshield replaced by us, we provide FREE LIFETIME rock chip repairs on that windshield. (**some conditions apply) Contact us today and get yourself a new windshield!