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Why Sunroof Repairs Are Important

A sunroof is a window that is mounted on the roof of vehicles. Many car owners love having a sunroof and being in Calgary, where we don't get a lot of sunlight, but when we do, it is nice to roll down all our windows and open up the sunroof to soak up every last bit of Vitamin D we can get!

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Why you Should Repair the Rock Chips on your Windshield

So, it just happened, a rock chip on your windshield. Unfortunately, a chipped windshield is a regular occurrence when owning a vehicle. Chips usually occur when other cars fling debris up onto your windshield or rocks fall off trucks that haven’t taken the care and attention to clean off their bumpers and flatbeds, which then impact your windshield.  Even if it is a minor chip is not something to be ignored.

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Clear Signs Your Windshield Needs to be Replaced

A windshield is an essential part of the structure of your vehicle. Your windshield protects you from rain, rocks and other debris that may hit your car and is also meant to stay in the vehicle in the case of an accident or rollover.  It needs to be installed properly and free of defects, but many of us tend to ignore the chips and cracks the windshield may have. How do you determine when your windshield needs to be replaced?

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